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About the Arizona Science Center:

The Arizona Science Center proves that learning can be fun, not only for you but for the whole family. If you are someone who wonders how, or why or what happened, then come explore some of what science has to share, in a fun and interactive way. With both permanent and temporary exhibits, special events and daily demonstration, there is always something happening that is worth checking out.

To top off the exhibits, there are two great theater experiences also available at the science center. First is the Irene P. Flinn Theater which is a 5-story state-of-the-art IMAX theater that shows both 3D and standard films. Here you will find documentaries that focus on a variety of subjects including nature, human accomplishment and more. The theater boasts 280 seats and has two showings daily. The second theater experience takes you into space and beyond. The Dorrance Planetarium is one of the largest in the US, and features a dome that appears totally seamless under projection. Learn about our night skies, our solar system and current astronomical challenges and discoveries. You can also rock out to some great music all while seeing a fantastic laser show. Laser show evenings include a bar where beer and cocktails can be purchased as well as snacks and other refreshments.

Current Shows:

Currently playing at the Irene P. Flinn Theater

Visit the Amazon with all of its amazing creatures big and small. Mammals, insects, birds all in their natural and lush habitat that is the rainforest. Explorer Henry Bates takes you on an incredible journey, and you will leave knowing so much more about the Amazon than you ever did before.

Currently playing at the Dorrance Planetarium

Learn all about the sun and its superhot superstorms. Some topics covered are solar flares, solar tornados and coronal mass ejections.

Currently playing at the Dorrance Planetarium

Have you always wanted to learn more about the planets that inhabit our solar system? They seem familiar to us: venus, mars, jupiter, etc. but there's so much that you never knew.

Currently playing at the Dorrance Planetarium

This show delves into earth's iciest polar regions. It compares earth's icy bits to ice on other planets and moons.

Currently playing at the Dorrance Planetarium

A laser show set to Beatles music. All ages can enjoy this show and music from one of the greatest rock bands.

For a full list of shows, visit the Arizona Science Center website. Shows are subject to change without notice.

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(602) 716-2000

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600 E. Washington Street, Phoenix AZ, 85004